How To Keep Water From Draining Out Of Your Food Waste Dumpster

24 May 2016
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Articles

If you own a restaurant, bakery, or other food service establishment, then you probably have a dumpster that sits outside your business. This allows you to take care of waste. This is extremely important to retain sanitary conditions in your building. However, if you live in an area that sees a great deal of rainfall, then some of the rain may end up in the dumpster. This can cause a slurry or mixture of water and organic food materials. When the fluid runs out of the dumpster, it is likely to attract pests. If you want to avoid this, then consider the information below.

Add a Secure Drain Plug

Most dumpsters will have a drain opening on the rear side of the container. This allows you or your rental company to drain fluid from the dumpster. However, many plugs are metal varieties that form corrosion around their threads. The oxidation can cause openings to form around the plug and fluids can drain out. Rubber plugs are commonly seen too, but rubber will crack and crumble as it ages. This typically occurs as the material is exposed to the sun and air for too long. This means that your dumpster may have a poorly working plug if it has one at all. 

To keep fluid from running out of the dumpster, consider replacing the plug yourself. There are a wide variety of different plugs you can purchase, but a PVC variety is a good choice. PVC materials are extremely durable and stable, so the plugs will not break over time. The plastic substance is also fire, chemical, and oil resistant. This means that substances that come into contact with the plug are not likely to ruin it. 

To purchase the right plug, measure the drain opening first so you can find a product that is the right size. Tapered plugs fit well into drain openings. Just make sure that the plug has a metal eye, hook, or other protrusion to help you pull the plug out when it needs to be removed. 

Opt For A Sealed Dumpster

If you do not want fluids leaking out of the dumpster, then it is wise to prevent water from getting into the container in the first place. Most dumpsters have plastic lids on the top that easily hinge open. While the dumpster may allow for easy storage of garbage, the lid is not very secure. An easy solution to water leaking through the lid is to ask your dumpster rental company for a dumpster that loads in the rear. A small door will sit on the back of the container for easy access. Some dumpsters also feature angled tops with small sliding doors. Sealed key lock tops as well as latched openings are available too. Many of these sealed and watertight dumpsters are made to keep bears and other pests from getting into the container. While you may not need bear protection, the sealed nature of the dumpster means that water is unlikely to get in. 

Many bear and animal-proof dumpsters will open automatically as they are tipped all the way over. These tops mean that the dumpster can easily be emptied even though lids and doors are tightly secured. The dumpsters use gravity latches that open the top of the dumpster only once the container is lifted up and over the garbage truck. This is ideal for keeping both water and pests out of the garbage container. 

If you live in a rainy part of the country and keep a dumpster outside your food establishment to store waste, then you may be worried about a flood of water both entering and exiting your dumpster. To help reduce drainage issues, make sure to invest in your own plug and also ask your dumpster rental service about sealed or animal-proof containers.