Remodeling? Get Help With Cleaning Up

29 December 2017
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

A home remodel is a naturally messy process, whether you have contractors do the work or if you attempt it yourself. Containing the dust and debris can seem like a losing battle if you don't know what you're doing and don't have professionals to help you stop the spread of drywall dust and carpet fibers. When you plan your remodel, if you are using contractors, talk to them about the construction cleanup they'll provide; otherwise, if you're doing the work yourself, look for a construction cleanup or demolition company that can come in and help you control your house.

Cleanup Schedule

No matter what, you yourself should do some minor daily cleanup, including dusting surfaces and moving obvious pieces of trash out to the garbage can. But you may also want to look into having a demolition company that does cleanup work come in daily if the remodeling job is particularly dust-ridden. That dust, from drywall, the carpet, and other fixtures you're ripping apart, can get everywhere and create a major cleanup job. Daily cleanups prevent it from spiraling out of control.

Of course, having someone else come in daily can be pricey, so a weekly cleanup job might be more in line with your budget. You should, for sure, have the company come in when the job is done and do a very thorough final cleaning.

Basic or Detailed

Another issue is whether the company will do basic cleanup or very detailed cleanup. Again, this will depend on the work being done and how large the remodeled area is. If you have a company coming in weekly, maybe a basic cleaning is all you need then except for the very last cleaning appointment (that last one should always be detailed because that's when you want all of the dust gone for sure). Or you could have a basic daily cleanup and a weekly detailed cleanup.

By the way, if the price is a worry, ask about cleaning contracts and if there is an equivalent of bulk pricing if you're having the company come in a lot. Maybe a neighbor is also doing some remodeling and is willing to split the cost.

Cleaning Material Types

Many demolition companies are switching to environmentally friendly cleaning methods for construction cleanup. These can range from dusting thoroughly without using chemicals to wipe up afterward to sorting debris to see what is recyclable.

It may seem odd to hire a demolition company to come in and clean, but you will likely want them to do this for two reasons. One, the cleanup job is big and ongoing as long as the work is happening, and two, a regular maid service might not have the right safety gear to deal with drywall dust and the excessive amounts of debris. Contact some demolition companies, like Alliance Demolition Services Inc, and find out what cleanup services they offer so you can work those into your remodeling budget.