4 Places Where Intercom Speakers Should Be Installed In Your School

9 May 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

As you probably already know, using intercoms in schools is certainly nothing new. However, a lot of improvements have been made to these systems over the year, meaning that they are still incredibly relevant today. If you would like to make the best possible use of the intercom system in your educational institution, you'll need to make sure that you have enough intercoms installed throughout the school. These are some of the places where you may want to have a professional team come in and install intercom speakers.

1. In Each Classroom

For one thing, you will obviously need to have intercom speakers in each of the classrooms. Then, when someone is making an announcement for the entire school, the announcement can be heard easily in each of the classrooms throughout the school. Additionally, if your intercom system is set up properly, you can also make individual "calls" to each of the classroom speakers, making it possible to give messages to teachers and students in each individual classroom.

2. In Common Areas

There might be times when announcements may need to be made when students are in common areas. Putting intercoms in the library, cafeteria and the hallways is definitely smart. Make sure that you have enough intercom speakers installed in each of these areas; for example, in a spacious cafeteria where there might be a lot of excited students talking to one another and making noise, it might be difficult for people to hear what is coming out of one intercom speaker. Having multiple intercom speakers in these larger, busier areas can help you ensure that any intercom messages come in loud and clear for those who are in these areas.

3. At the Entrances to the School

For security purposes, you may not want to let just anyone walk into the school. Instead, consider having locks installed on the doors that can be easily unlocked after a faculty member has made contact with an individual who wants to enter the school. Using an intercom system for this purpose is convenient for everyone who is involved and can help you keep staff members and students safe.

4. Outdoor Areas

Lastly, it's important to have intercom speakers in any outdoor areas at the school, such as playgrounds or areas where students wait to get on the school bus. Then, even when students and faculty members are not indoors, they can be communicated with via the intercom system.

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