How Conveyor Systems Benefit From Urethane Rollers

3 June 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

A conveyor system is able to work the way it does because of drive rollers. These mechanisms allow objects to move across smoothly. One of the very best for conveyor belts is a urethane roller. Equip these rollers on your conveyor system and you can expect these things:

Relative Quiet

The amount of noise that drive rollers make when objects slide across them may seem like a trivial matter, but if you have workers that spend a lot of time around conveyor systems, it's something you want to think about for their comfort levels. 

Urethane rollers actually don't make a lot of noise because of how smooth they glide. There won't be excess friction, which would create noise created as objects move across them. This helps you establish a more comfortable environment because noise pollution won't be as prevalent.

Ample Traction

In order for a conveyor system that relies on drive rollers to work well, the rollers need to grip objects on top with effectiveness. That is a characteristic you'll get when you opt to have urethane rollers equipped on your conveyor system. 

Urethane will grip all kinds of materials with precision too as to not cause damage to things you're transporting with the conveyor system. It could be things made out of wood, metal, or plastic. Urethane rollers will continue providing grip so that your items move along the conveyor system effectively and that can speed up operations quite a bit.

FDA Approved

If you end up having to transport potentially sensitive items using a conveyor belt system, such as food products, then you want to make sure your drive rollers are completely safe and sanitary. Fortunately with urethane rollers, you'll have added confidence because these rollers are FDA approved.

The urethane materials that the drive rollers feature have been put through the necessary safety tests deemed appropriate by the Federal Drug Administration. You can set them up and know any product that comes in contact with them isn't going to be harmed or contaminated. Also, those that work around the drive rollers will be safe from contamination. 

There are different drive rollers that you can position on a conveyor system. If you want a roller type that you can always count on to give you very little problems over the years, then urethane rollers are a real gem. They are easy to set up and will give you so many positives. 

Contact a urethane roller manufacturer for more information.