Reasons To Hire A Pro When Addressing Orphan Wells

9 December 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Any time a well is no longer needed around an area of land, it is considered orphaned or abandoned. There is a specific process for handling these types of wells, which is why you want to hire a company experienced with these solutions. Then you'll be privy to some important services.

Control Emissions Effectively

There are a number of emissions that could be at play with an orphan well, which might include oil, gas, and other volatile fluids. You need to handle these emissions carefully to avoid contamination and environmental damage. For these reasons, you should let an experienced company handle abandoned wells.

They can perform structured and safe plugging measures that keep these emissions from ever leaking out, even decades after an orphan well was originally plugged. They also know how to manipulate the environment surrounding the orphan well to not cause damage and subsequent emission leaks.

Properly Document Orphan Well Identification and Plugging

It's important to keep sound records when orphan wells are involved because that helps improve safety practices for all involved. If you hire a company that offers orphan well abandonment solutions, then you can rest assured you'll receive sound documentation for all phases of abandonment.

The company will mark the locations of all orphan wells around a property, make a note of their condition, and then specify the exact plugging steps that were performed. Then this documentation will be sent off to the right environmental agencies, who will continue to monitor orphan wells and their condition. These measures are crucial for preventing contamination.

Comply with State Regulations

In order to deal with orphan wells in a legal manner, you have to follow certain state regulations. They can be quite complex and sometimes change over time. It is in your best interest to find a company that offers well abandonment solutions so that you're not forced into looking into this legislation and expending a lot of resources. 

Well abandonment companies already know what regulations to comply with, whether it's how to mark orphan wells or using certain plugging materials. Their assistance in this process ultimately is going to keep you compliant.

If you know for certain there are orphan wells on your property, you want to have them addressed quickly so that the environment isn't harmed in a severe way. Professional companies are able to assist with this abandonment process, which will prevent safety and regulatory complications from surfacing. Reach out to a company like Calgem Well Abandonment for assistance.