Choosing The Best Storage Bins For Your Manufacturing Facility

31 May 2016
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If your manufacturing plant requires you to move bulky or small products or parts from one side of your facility to the next, then it is wise to use heavy duty storage bins to help with this. These bins are also ideal for storing parts that may not need to used right away. If you decide that heavy duty bins are a good option, then keep reading to learn about some bin features to look for.

Collapsible Sides

Storage bins come in a wide variety of sizes and extend several feet on each side. Since the bins are meant to help you carry a large amount of items, the size can be helpful when it comes to your manufacturing needs. However, the containers can be quite difficult to store. If you do not always need your containers, then make sure to purchase collapsible varieties. These bins have a solid base and the four sides of the bins fold down over the base. When you want to use the bins, the sides can be pulled up and snapped into place with tabs in the sides.

If you do not want fully collapsible containers, then opt for varieties that fold down. These bins have hinged sides about halfway down the container. This allows about half of each side to fold down into the bin. This is ideal if you need to use smaller containers on occasion.

Many bins have open grooves on the bottom as well that allow for lifting with a forklift. If you want to use bins for storage within pallet racking systems, then make sure the containers have the appropriate openings for lifting purposes. 

Attached Casters

If your bins need to be moved from one side of your manufacturing facility to the other on a daily basis, then pick bins that have attached casters. If loads will be heavy within each bin, then opt for casters that feature four swivels and two rigid casters. This type of caster configuration can typically handle the greatest weight loads. Also, opting for six casters over four will help to keep bins stable as they are moved across the floor. If loads will be lighter, then four casters can be used. For the best stability, at least two rigid casters should be used, and the rigid ones can be placed either on the sides or front of the bin. If you want to move light loads with ease, then four swivel casters should be used. 

Casters should be steel varieties to retain as much weight and stress as possible. The wheels attached to these casters are quite important if you want your bins to move properly, safely, and easily. Large and heavy loads require strong, durable, and hard wheels, and hard rubber varieties are a good option. These wheels will remain strong when exposed to oil and chemicals as well. If the floors of your manufacturing plant are sometimes dirty, then deterioration of the caster and wheel will not be a concern when rubber wheels are chosen. This is also true if you decide to go with polyurethane wheels. 

If you sometimes move fragile items or if the floors around the manufacturing plant are uneven, then pneumatic wheels may be a better choice. These air-filled wheels will absorb shock as they move across the ground.

There are a wide variety of other wheel options that include resin, soft rubber, elastomer, and rubber on aluminum wheels. These wheels are often needed for special environments that include high heat, abrasive, and wet spaces. Make sure to speak with a storage bin supplier like Garland's, Inc. about your specific environment before purchasing moveable bins so you know if the casters and wheels are right for your facility.