Measuring Enhanced Vehicular Performance: 3 Crucial Dynamometer Accessories To Get When Nitrous Oxide Is Used

17 June 2016
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If your auto shop services modified cars with nitrous oxide systems, investing in a dynamometer will be vital in performing the diagnostics required to determine the vehicle's performance. The dynamometer will allow you to accurately measure the power output of the enhanced engine and can even simulate real road conditions. With differently sized nitrous oxide nozzle jets having the ability to boost the power of a car by anywhere from 20 bhp to over 200 bhp, it's important to get certain accessories for the dynamometer. Here are 3 particularly important accessories to get.  

Vehicle Exhaust Removal Systems

When working with nitrous oxide systems, it's important to remove exhaust fumes immediately. Not only does nitrous oxide break down into ozone and fine particulate matters that are notorious pollutants, but recent studies have also found that nitrous oxide is responsible for directly aggravating cardiovascular and respiratory disease. In short, you don't want to expose yourself nor your mechanics to these exhaust fumes at all.

The solution to this problem is to purchase vehicle exhaust removal systems for the dynamometer. These accessories are relatively easy to install and will capture potentially harmful gases from the cars directly at its source – the tailpipe. While there are a number of different exhaust removal systems that can be hooked up to the dynamometer, you can expect these accessories to basically include suction hoses, nozzles, hose storage mechanisms and even LEV fans. The most popular vehicle exhaust removal systems are hose reels, as they tend to take up less space in comparison to other alternatives available.

Axle Pull-Down Kits

As nitrous oxide systems can enhance the power of the engines significantly, you'll definitely want to take extra precautions in securing the car to the dynamometer. The best accessory for this purpose is an axle pull-down kit. This type of kit is installed at the rear end of the dynamometer and will allow you to apply an increased downward force and pressure to the existing restraint system.

The axle pull-down kit will increase traction, which will help prevent the wheels from slipping when the nitrous oxide is being used. When choosing an axle pull-down kit, look for one that will be compatible with a wide range of different car makes and models. Some of these axle pull-down kits have adjustable settings.

Above-Ground 4-Post Lifts

When making repairs or modifications on a car that uses nitrous oxide, many alterations will be needed, as even minor changes can have a huge impact on the overall system. As you can expect to make numerous tweaks, you'll also benefit from investing in an above-ground 4-post lift, as you will be able to make adjustments and modifications right on the dynamometer. This will also allow you to run tests after every minor modification in order to make sure that the car is still running perfectly.

Above-ground 4-post lifts come in different designs and styles. You should look for ones that come with stairs, heavy-duty rails and platforms for added safety and convenience. This accessory will be installed directly on top of the dynamometer with some parts sticking out to the side.


Having a function dynamometer in your auto shop is absolutely necessary if you are working on cars with nitrous oxide systems. This is because you'll need the dynamometer to measure the power output of the car when making alterations and adjustments. The dynos will usually have different settings and rollers that can be used to mimic different terrains and road conditions. This will let you know whether the car will still be stable and easy to manoeuvre even with added power produced by the nitrous oxide.