Time For A New Commercial Trench Drain? 4 Reasons You Should Also Include A New Electronic Trap Primer

11 February 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If your commercial building needs a new trench drain, don't stop there. To make sure the system works properly, and that you're not left with problems to deal with later, you need to have an electronic trap primer installed too. Your electronic trap primer will ensure that your drains enjoy a continuous flow. If you're not sure you need to invest in an electronic trap primer, here are four reasons you'll need to consider.

Keeps the Line Primed at All Times

One of the problems with commercial trench drains is that they can dry out, especially if they're not used often enough. Unfortunately, once those drains dry out, you're going to be looking at system failure, and some serious drainage problems. That's where the electronic trap primer comes in to play. With the electronic trap primer, you won't need to worry about the work involved in manual priming. Instead, your electronic trap primer will automatically prime the each of your drains at least once every 24-hours. That means your drains will be primed and ready to go when you are.

Easy Access Installation

When it comes to installing an electronic trap primer, you might be worried about the available space. That can be a problem if your site isn't well-suited for this type of installation. It's important to note that electronic trap primers don't require any special site preparation. They're easy to install, and they can be placed in a recessed area of the wall, or flat surface-mounted, whichever will work best for your site.

Long-Lasting Drainage Capabilities

If you're going to install a new drainage system, and electronic trap primer, you want to make sure that the entire system will provide you with years of usage. One of the benefit of a Zurn commercial trench drains and electronic trap primer is that they're manufactured from galvanized steel, which means you won't need to worry about them wearing out before their time.

Provides Remote Drainage Access

If you have remote drainage needs, you need to know that your electronic trap primer can accommodate those remote locations. That's one of the many benefits of choosing a Zurn electronic trap primer. Your primer will provide remote drainage access anywhere you need it. Not only that, but one electronic trap primer will service all your drains, even the remote ones.

Don't sell yourself short on your commercial drainage system. Include an electronic trap primer and ensure that your drains won't fail you.