Four Fun Things You Can Do With Reflective Conspicuity Tape

25 September 2018
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

Retro reflective conspicuity tape is tape that is holographic in some spots and/or completely light-reflective in others. This tape is typically used in industrial settings as warning tape, but you should not limit its use to that. In fact, here are four fun things you can do with this kind of tape that will leave you creating other ideas of your own for it.

The Reflective Wallet for Nights at a Dance Club

How many times have you gone clubbing and misplaced your wallet in the dark clubs? Annoying, is it not? Now you do not have to ever misplace or lose your wallet again in dark night clubs. Take a rectangular piece of cardboard the size of a billfold. Cover it in reflective conspicuity tape. Take a slightly smaller piece of cardboard and do the same. Then tape the edges of the smaller piece of cardboard to the larger piece, taking care to leave the top edges open. Now you have a basic billfold that anyone can see in the dark the minute a beam of light hits it. It is also so distinct and unusual enough that you can spot it in someone else's hand if anyone else grabs your wallet.

Runner's Gear

If you are a runner, this tape is an absolute must. Put it in weird patterns on your shoes. Put strips along the tops of your running socks. Put strips of it vertically down the sides of your running shorts. Put it on the sleeves, fronts, or backs of the T-shirts and/or tank tops you wear to run. Do all kinds of fun, crazy things with it and your running gear. There  is no way people driving in the dark will ever be able to say that they did not see you.

In Place of Reflectors on Your Bike

Plastic bike reflectors break and drop off. That leaves your bike vulnerable in low or no light situations. Avoid that problem by putting strips of tape on spokes of the wheels, on the back of your seat, on the fenders, or anywhere else on your bike that you think will be effective.

On a Vest for a Special Needs Child

Special needs children have a habit of wandering off. Most of them do not know better, and that is the scariest part. However, if you put a vest on your child and decorate the vest with reflective tape, there is no way you will not be able to spot him/her if and when you have to search for him/her in the dark after he/she has wandered off.