How to Make Cooling Tower Part Replacements Easier to Handle

16 August 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

For industrial systems that require cooling, there are cooling towers that can complete this role in an efficient manner. These towers will sometimes break down and require part replacements. If you use the following tips, you can manage this replacement process correctly. 

Replace All Relevant Parts at the Same Time

Rather than trying to replace cooling tower parts on an individual basis, you should consider replacing multiple parts at a time that need it. Then you'll ultimately have less downtime and can ensure your cooling tower is performing as best as it can. You just need to have a thorough inspection performed prior to replacing any parts. You need to see how each system is currently working, including the air inlets, fan deck, driveshaft, fan, and motor. A thorough and complete inspection from a licensed contractor will show exactly which parts need to be replaced. 

Understand How Long Different Parts Last

There are different parts within a cooling tower that are responsible for cooling water effectively, and all of these parts will last for a particular period of time. You want to find out what this timeframe is for all major components. Then it will be a lot easier to intervene just as these parts are about to stop functioning properly.

You can go in when you notice it's beginning to fail, swap them out for new working parts, and then continue to experience a great performance from the cooling tower on a consistent basis. Whereas if you wait to replace cooling tower parts right after they fail completely, there will be a longer downtime involved. That's especially true if the part plays an integral role in the overall performance of this cooling system. 

Get a Professional Recommendation Before Swapping Out Expensive Parts

Some cooling tower parts are more expensive than others, including things like the motor and fan. Before you just get rid of these parts all together for something newer, you want to make sure these parts need to be replaced. You'll get a clear idea in a short period of time if you hire a cooling tower repair contractor. If they don't see any way to restore the component's performance, they'll probably suggest you go on through with this part replacement.

Cooling towers are central to cooling down large industrial systems. They can break down, and that sometimes requires a part replacement. If it does, make sure you handle these replacements with care to save money, time, and stress. Contact a cooling tower parts service near you to learn more.