Ways To Set Up Hydraulic Cylinder Rebuilds For Success

15 October 2021
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

A hydraulic cylinder rebuild is a good restorative process to consider if your cylinders are damaged, but not to the point where they can't still be used. You'll just need to make sure this rebuild process is set up a certain way.

Have Goals in Mind for the Rebuild

A hydraulic cylinder rebuild can happen for many different reasons. You need to identify your own specific reasons because then this entire process will be guided along effectively, as opposed to just repairing things at random and then still not having ideal cylinder performance.

Find out what happened to your cylinders that is now making this process relevant. It could be components that became more structurally weak as time went on, a defect that you can't work around, or safety issues that need to be addressed before the cylinder is inserted back into an equipment's rotation.

Account for Environmental Conditions When Replacing Seals

If one of your goals when completing a hydraulic cylinder rebuild is to replace the seals with new materials, then you want to carefully examine the environmental conditions that the seals will be exposed to. That will help you find a suitable replacement set that lasts for as long or longer than the seals that are currently on your hydraulic cylinder.

Will the cylinders be exposed to hot, cold, dry, or humid conditions? Account for every weather and environmental element that could affect how your replacement seals hold up so that when you get them installed during the rebuild, you won't have to worry about them for a long time.

Carefully Research Parts That are Prematurely Damaged

One of the more common activities when completing a hydraulic cylinder rebuild is replacing parts. It could be things like the piston rod, cylinder head, or seals. If these parts need to be replaced because they were prematurely damaged, investigate the reasons why. Then you'll improve your odds of making the necessary adjustments in your selection to where the replacement parts don't suffer the same fate. It could be that the original parts weren't installed correctly or didn't receive the right support systems and products.

Approaching a hydraulic cylinder rebuild doesn't have to be intimidating if you come up with reasonable plans for this restorative process. Instead of guessing or worrying about what to do, you can just execute and then improve the condition and performance of hydraulic cylinders you're still looking to benefit from. Keep these tips in mind when looking for a hydraulic cylinder rebuild service near you.