Benefits Of Including Foam Inserts In Cases When Shipping Products

27 October 2022
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If you plan on selling products that come shipped in cases, you might want to use foam inserts. Doing so can benefit your product shipping operations in a couple of important ways. 

Support Multiple Components Securely

If you have a product line that includes a bunch of small parts, you need a way to keep them contained in the packaging. Then the products will look more professional and also not be susceptible to damage. Foam inserts can help in this regard when products are shipped in cases. 

You can design the foam inserts to hold each component into position in a case. No matter what actions the case goes through during shipping, each component will remain put and thus not take any damage. Your product packaging will look a lot better too and this matters for your company's reputation. 

Manufacturers Can Provide Endless Design Options

When you work with a manufacturer to create foam inserts for cases that will be holding your products, you'll have endless design options. They can make these inserts any shape and include any type of opening, which gives you more options for how you ship products inside cases to customers.

You just want to let your manufacturer see exactly what is being shipped in cases, and then they can refine your foam insert designs from a dimensional and material standpoint. Then you won't have to second-guess how products will hold up in cases as they ship across the country. 

Dissipate the Force From Impact

There may be situations that cause collisions for products inside cases. Maybe the shipper you use drops these cases at some point during shipping for instance. Even though these things are out of your control, you can protect your products inside cases if you use foam inserts.

That's because they can dissipate the force caused by impacts and collisions. Even if the force is excessive, the foam inserts will provide ample protection and keep damage from happening. Your customers will appreciate this fact because they won't have to return their products often because of damage. This saves you money too.

If you want to package products better in cases for customers, using foam inserts is a great idea. They provide a lot of protection, can be customized by manufacturers in so many ways, and don't cost that much. As long as you choose the right inserts, they'll work out perfectly for product shipping operations. 

For more information about foam inserts, contact a local company.