2 Reasons To Hire A Professional For Your Company's Aluminum Fabrication Projects

27 January 2023
 Categories: Industrial & Manufacturing, Blog

If your company needs specialized equipment built, you may have decided to have it fabricated to your specifications. Since it is lightweight and rust-resistant, you may have already decided to use aluminum as the primary metal and may be thinking about having people on your own crew do the work.

However, if they have never worked with aluminum before, you should consider hiring a professional who has experience fabricating with the metal. Below are a couple of reasons why you should hire someone with experience for your company's aluminum fabrication projects.

1. Cutting Aluminum Requires the Use of Specialized Tools Based on Its Grade and Thickness

One reason why you should seek out a fabrication service that works with aluminum for your upcoming fabrication projects is that they will have the tools needed to cut the metal. Unlike steel and iron, aluminum needs specialized tools that are used based on its grade and thickness.

For example, if a project requires a thin sheet of dense aluminum, the cutters need to be sturdy enough to cut through the density without bending the sheet. If you use tools that are too flimsy, the resulting cuts will be jagged and incomplete, leaving sharp edges. A professional not only has the tools needed but also the knowledge and experience to know which ones to use.

2. Heating and Welding Aluminum Requires Training and Skill to Keep from Warping or Melting the Metal

Another reason a professional service should be used for your aluminum fabrication projects is that heating and welding the metal requires extensive training and skill. While aluminum is sturdy, it has a lower heat threshold than metals such as steel.

If too much heat is used to soften the metal before bending it, the aluminum will warp. Or, if too high of a setting is used while welding the pieces together, they will melt. A professional knows the proper setting and techniques needed to keep from damaging the metal during any heating processes.

When aluminum is the primary metal for your company's fabrication projects, you need someone with training, skill, and experience to work with the metal. A professional will know what specialized tools to use based on the aluminum's grade and thickness as well as know the heat and welding settings required to keep from warping or melting the metal. Before you begin your projects, contact an aluminum fabrication service in your area such as Barndt's Welding to speak with a representative about how they can help.